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2024-05-27It Has Begun: Farmers paid to slaughter cows early. The Beef Carbon Reduction scheme has begun in Northern IrelandPeter ImanuelsenZero Carbon Op, Climate Change Op, War on FoodArticle2024-05-27
2024-05-23Let them monitor your financial transactions and you will be eating lab grown meat.RepThomasMassieWar on Food, War on Meat, Lab Grown MeatTweet2024-05-24
2024-03-04The House voted unanimously to stop funding transgenic edible plant vaccines, but that prohibition was left out of the new omnibusRepThomasMassieEdible Plant Vaxx, , War on Food, The Great PoisoningArticle2024-04-25
2024-03-21How the Amish Farmer Case Impacts Us (2024) | Pennsylvanis v. Amos Miller Organic Farmthe ShepherdessWar on Farmers, War on Food, Land Grab, State OverreachVideo2024-04-23
2024-02-29They Want To Take Your ChickensSheraton Park FarmsChickens, War on Food, Local RegulationVideo2024-04-23
2018-04-29Back Yard Gardens Banned!?! Will You Comply?Off Grid with Doug & StacyClimate Change Op, War on FoodVideo2024-04-23
2024-04-13How Rural America is Stolen!!Trinity VandenacreWar on Farmer, War on Family, War on Food, Beef Checkoff OpVideo2024-04-19
2024-03-26Appeals Court Paves Way for Company to Keep Making Plastic Containers That Leach Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’Childrens Health DefensePFAS, The Great Poisoning, War on Food, Court allows toxinArticle2024-04-18
2024-04-01GOP politicians like Ron DeSantis are trying to ban lab-grown meat, comparing it to bugs and claiming threats to ranchesBusiness InsiderWar on Food, War on Meat, Lab Grown Meat, FLArticle2024-04-17
2024-03-05Tennessee’s “Lettuce Vaccine” Bill: What You Need to Know About HB1894Organic Consumers AssociationFeld-tests , Pharma crops, Vaxx, War on FoodArticle2024-04-16
2024-04-12Action Alert: Weigh in on the Farm Bill and Changes to Meat Inspection!Farm to Consumer LDFPrime Act, War on FoodArticle2024-04-14
2024-02-28New York AG says meat producing giant made misleading environmental claims to boost salesAP NewsWar on Food, Beef Access, Panhandle, Climate Change OpArticle2024-04-13
2024-04-04How to Stop the Government From Controlling Your FoodGlenn BeckWar on Food, Constitution, Massie, Amos Miller, AmishVideo2024-04-06
2024-03-31Moves to ban lab-grown meat intensify in Republican US statesFTWar on Food, Franken FoodsTweet2024-04-06
2024-04-24Liberal state declares war on small farmers and homesteaders: War on food is spreading in U.S. through land-use restrictions, geoengineering and waves of propagandaThe Gateway PunditWar on Food, RegulationArticle2024-04-04
2024-03-18Proposed Constitutional Amendment:The right of the people to grow food and...RepThomasMassieWar on Family, War on Food,Tweet2024-04-04
2023-01-06Food Emancipation ProclamationFood Freedom FoundationRegulatory Op, War on Farmer, War on FoodArticle2024-04-04
2009-10-01Everything I Want to Do Is IllegalBeginning FarmersWar on Farmers, War on FoodArticle2024-04-04
2024-03-25Pharma Food with Elze van HamelenWeston PriceBiotech, Cell Culture, Franken Food, War on FoodArticle2024-04-02
2024-03-07Europe Is Alarmed Enough To Begin Wargaming A Food CrisisZeroHedgeWar on Food, EUArticle2024-03-16
2024-03-11Vanity Fair Goes Full Creepy: Video Of Nicole Kidman Pretending To Enjoy Eating WormsCelia FarberWar on Food, CreepyArticle2024-03-12
2024-03-07Amish Farmer Moves to Trial Robert Barnes on Next Steps 2024 | Amos Miller Organic FarmThe ShepherdessFDA Replacement Op, War on Farmers, War on FoodVideo2024-03-10
2024-03-04So your taxpayer dollars will be funding edible plant vaccines, if the enormous spending bill passes this weekRepThomasMassieEdible Plant Vaxx, , War on Food, The Great PoisoningTweet2024-03-10
2024-03-09Insect farming could be the future of the meat industryTaipei TimesThe Great Poisoning, Insect Protien, War on Farmers, War on FoodArticle2024-03-09
2024-03-20Farming under threat - what we’re facing & how we fix itPFFAUK, War on Farmers, War on FoodVideo2024-03-09
2024-03-06Tyson Foods announces partnership with BUG company Protix to “support growth of emerging insect ingredient industry”Natural NewsThe Great Poisoning, Insect Protien, War on Farmers, War on FoodArticle2024-03-09
2024-02-29How Crickets Can “Upcycle” Bad Grain Into Useful Animal FeedEntomology TodayThe Great Poisoning, Insect Protein, War on Farmers, War on FoodArticle2024-03-09
2024-03-07Farmers last week in Brussels!Pushback, Farmers, BrusselsWar on Food, War on FarmersTweet2024-03-08
2024-03-07Zee MapsZeeMapsPossible War on Food Production FiresResearch2024-03-07
2024-02-29The Significance Behind The Texas FiresWallStreetApesTX, Panhandle, Wild Fire, War on Food, Beef AccessTweet2024-03-03
2024-02-21Police fire tear gas on Indian farmers marching to capital, government offers talksReutersWar on Food, War on Farmers, IndiaArticle2024-02-23
2024-02-0753% of inflation is from corporate profitbungarsargonWar on Family, War on Food, Meat MonopolyVideo2024-02-12
2024-02-06Farmers’ anger forces EU to back down on net zeroThe TelegraphClimate Change Op, War on FoodArticle2024-02-06
2024-02-05PAY ATTENTION! Something very STRANGE is happening in Ireland, this is about get ugly | RedactedRedactedWar on Farmers, War on Food, Climate Change OpVideo2024-02-06
2024-01-31Massive fire engulfs chicken farm in Texas, first responders sayMy San AntonioWar on FoodArticle2024-02-04
2024-02-01TODAY Farmers Surrounded the Headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels and the WaPo covers it!Meryl NassWar on Food, War on Farmers, EU CommissionArticle2024-02-03
2024-02-01Europe's angry farmers fuel backlash against EU ahead of electionsReutersWar on Farmers, War on FoodArticle2024-02-01
2024-01-28Hang on! Now Bill Gates is coming for your backyard Gardens? | Redacted with Clayton MorrisRedactedWar on Family, War on FoodVideo2024-01-28
2024-01-27No Farmers, No Food: The response to our new campaign has been overwhelmingNoFarmsNoFoodsWar on Food, War on FarmersTweet2024-01-28
2024-01-22Food from urban agriculture has carbon footprint six times larger than conventional produce, study showsPhys OrgClimate Change OP, War on FoodArticle2024-01-26
2024-01-25How One Cattle Rancher Ditched the Industrial Meat Model and Forged a More Sustainable OneFlatlandKCLaw, War on FoodArticle2024-01-26
2023-12-082024 Louisiana Crawfish Season PreviewThis Week in Louisiana AgricultureWar on FoodVideo2024-01-24
2024-01-18French farmers take to the streets in protest, disrupting traffic in ToulouseVoice of EuropeWar on Food, War on FarmersArticle, Tweet2024-01-22
2024-01-03Improving Health One Bite at a TimeUnblind My MindWar on Family, War on FoodArticle2024-01-21
2023-12-02Exploring The True Nature Of Big PharmaGavin MounseyWar on Family, War on FoodArticle2024-01-20
2023-12-26Bayer wins latest Roundup cancer trial, ending losing streakReutersWar on Family, The Great Posioning, War on FoodArticle2024-01-14
2023-12-06Bayer ordered to pay $3.5 million in latest Roundup weedkiller trialReutersWar on Family, The Great Posioning, War on Food, PhiladelphiaArticle2024-01-14
2023-11-20Bayer Hit With $1.56B Loss in Latest Roundup Cancer Trial VerdictDrugWatchWar on Family, The Great Posioning, War on Food, MissouriArticle2024-01-14
2023-12-21Elze van Hamelen: Assault on Food Sovereignty with Toxic “Pharma Food”New AmericanWar on Food, War on FamilyArticle2024-01-06
2023-12-21Elze van Hamelen: Assault on Food Sovereignty with Toxic “Pharma Food”New AmericanWar on Food, War on FamilyArticle2023-12-31
2023-12-21Elze van Hamelen: Assault on Food Sovereignty with Toxic “Pharma Food”New AmericanWar on Food, War on FamilyArticle2023-12-31
2023-12-09French Farmers Dump Manure On Govt Buildings To Protest Climate HysteriaZeroHedgeWar on Food, War on Family, Climate OpArticle2023-12-09
2023-10-30The 'Food Tax': Grocery Tax by StateKiplingerWar on Family, War on Food, State Sales TaxArticle2023-12-03
2023-11-241.35 million chickens are being killed on an Ohio egg farm as bird flu takes a toll on the industryAPBird Flu, USDA, Chickens, Eggs, War on FoodArticle2023-11-27
2023-11-20AXE THE TAX: Alberta Farmers Protest Outside Liberal MP George Chahal’s OfficeMediabezerginCarbon Tax, Trudeau, Canada, Alberta, War on Family, War on FoodArticle, Video2023-11-26
2023-11-16Investment funds stocking up on US farmland in safe-haven betReutersLand Investment, Inflation, Land Grab, War on FoodArticle2023-11-25
2023-11-21Dental Health Recovery for Alvin SchlangenGive Send GoWar on Food, War on Family, Latest DonationArticle2023-11-22
2023-11-19Bayer's Monsanto Hit With $1.5 Billion Verdict in Latest Roundup Cancer CaseZeroHedgeWar on Family, The Great Posioning, War on FoodArticle2023-11-21
2023-11-17Italy bans lab-grown meat in nod to farmersBBC NewsWar on Food, War on Meat, Lab Grown Meat,Article2023-11-20
2023-11-10Water rationing incomingVDejan0000WEF, War on Food & WaterTweet2023-11-12
2023-11-08MUST-WATCH: Rep. Thomas Massie masterfully exposes John Kerry's #ClimateScam propaganda for the sheer undiluted nonsense that it is, in just two minuteswideawake_mediaClimate Change OP, Pushback, War on FoodTweet2023-11-09
2017-06-23536 AD: The Ancient Climate Catastrophe That Crippled The Globe | Catastrophe | TimelineTimeline - World History DocumentariesWar on Food, Climate Change ThreatsVideo2023-11-07
2023-10-24Tyson to Build Insect Protein Factory — Critics Say It’s About Money, Not Health or EnvironmentChildrens Health DefenseProtix, Insect Protien, War on FoodArticle2023-10-31
2023-10-24Farmer is paid £1.5MILLION to stop rearing pigs to meet environmental rules - so that 5,000 homes can be built nearbyDaily MailClimate Change OP, War on FoodArticle2023-10-24
2018-04-15The Dangers of SoyThe Nicholas Gonzalez FoundationGrazers, Phytoestrogen, Soy Lobby,War on FoodVideo2023-10-21
2023-10-07CHD: Catherine Austin Fitts at Crossing Creeks Farm in Shelbyville, TN.TN CHDWar on Food, War on FamilyArticle2023-10-12
2023-10-04New Zealand’s crisis-hit farmers feel the gloom, potentially putting climate action in jeopardyGuardianWar on Food, Climate Change ThreatsArticle2023-10-11
2023-10-07Catherine Austin Fitts at Crossing Creeks Farm with CHD TN ChapterChildrens Health DefenseWar on Food, War on FamilyArticle2023-10-07
2023-10-07Catherine Austin Fitts at Crossing Creeks Farm with CHD TN ChapterChildrens Health DefenseWar on Food, War on FamilyArticle2023-10-07
2023-01-16What is the Future of Food?Corbett ReportWar on Food, War on FamilyArticle2023-10-02
2023-09-15Dig It! #200: Dutch Farmers & Fisherman with Elze van HamelenCorey's DigsFood Monopoly, War on Food, War on the Family, Regenerative Farming, Climate Change ThreatsPushbackVideo2023-09-30
2023-08-25Nitrogen 2000: The Dutch Farmers' StruggleVimeoClimate Change OP, Pushback, James Patrick,Holland, Dutch, War on Food, Land GrabVideo2023-09-30
2023-09-15Insiders Reveal Major Problems at Lab-Grown-Meat Startup Upside FoodsWiredValeta, Chicken, War on Food, War on Meat, Lab Grown Meat, Franken FoodArticle2023-09-28
2023-09-21Turkey's Erdogan says he doesn't agree with others' negative approach toward PutinReutersMoscow, Kyiv, UN, War on FoodArticle2023-09-27
2023-03-01The Attack on Food and How to Fight Back SymposiumDoor to FreedomNass, Biomedical, WHO, UN, Sovereignty, War on the Family, War on FoodArticle2023-09-25
2023-08-18Big Government Has Come for This Small-Town Amish Farmer. Here's How He's Fighting Back.TownhallWar on Food, Amish Farmer Fights BackArticle, Video2023-09-13
2023-08-22Sky’s the Limit for Globalists’ Boiling Earth NarrativeCorey DigsClimate Change OP, Control from Space, War on FoodArticle2023-08-31
2023-07-24Alert! New “Redesigned GMOs” Being Forced on Farmers and ConsumersActivist PostRedesigned GMO Threat, War on FoodArticle2023-08-16
2023-08-10Fire erupts at Granary in La Rochelle, France.TwitterWar on Food, Mysterious FiresTweet2023-08-14
2023-08-09TURKEY- a powerful explosion has destroyed The Turkish Grain depot.TwitterWar on Food, Mysterious FiresTweet2023-08-14
2023-08-06North Dakota farmers win victory against land-grabbing climate giantFrontline NewsClimate Change Pushback, ND Stops CO2 Pipeline, War on FoodArticle2023-08-08
2023-08-02Let Them Eat Bugs: Challenging the WEF’s Corporate-Driven Food ResetLew RockwellInsect Protien, War on Food, WEFArticle2023-08-07
2023-07-19Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense FundFTCLDFWar on Food, PushbackArticle2023-07-26
2023-06-20Killing Cows in the Name of Preventing Climate ChangeDr. MercolaWar on Food, Climate Change, Reducing HumansArticle2023-06-21
2023-06-0710 Things You Need to Know About DNA & RNA Vaccines for LivestockCorey DigsGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, DNA, RNA Vax for LivestockArticle2023-06-14
2023-06-06Farmer Nightmare: Government Floods Family Twice, Kills Herd and Refuses to Pay DamagesAg WebWar on Food, Dam Release, Flood Damage, Persecution of Small FarmersArticle2023-06-14
2023-05-22Are Foods Being Turned Into Bioweapons?Childrens Health DefenseWar on Food, The Great Poisoning, GMO Out of ControlArticle2023-06-03
2023-05-25High-Tech Farm Startups Are Laid Low by Financing Drought, PestsWSJWar on Food, Hi Tech Farm, Funding DroughtArticle2023-05-31
2023-05-19Virginia Gov. Youngkin Signs Legislation Boosting Controlled Environment AgricultureVirginia Gov. Youngkin Signs Legislation Boosting Controlled Environment AgricultureGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, VAArticle2023-05-24
2023-05-16New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by Public InstitutionsChildrens Health DefenseClimate Change, War on Food, NYArticle2023-05-22
2023-05-16New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by Public InstitutionsDr. Meryl NassClimate Change, War on Food, NYArticle2023-05-22
2023-05-033D Printed Fish Set To Hit The MarketGreat Game of IndiaGoing Direcet Rest, War on Food, Franken FishArticle2023-05-15
2023-04-22NYC Will Track Carbon Footprint Of Residents’ Food PurchasesGreat Game of IndiaGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Carbon Credit Tracking, NYCArticle, Video2023-04-25
2023-04-18Mayor Eric Adams wants New Yorkers to eat less meat to help combat climate change.TwitterGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Carbon Credit Tracking, NYCTweet2023-04-25
2023-04-01Gene EditingIRTGoing Direct Reset, War on Food, GMO RisksArticle2023-04-17
2023-04-11Video captures smoke during explosion at Texas dairy farm that killed 18,000 cowsAustin American StatesmanGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, TX Dairy Farm ExplosionArticle, Video2023-04-14
2022-08-14Dutch farmers spray cops with manureTwitterGoing Direct Reset, War on Food, Dutch Farmers, PushbackTweet2023-03-26
2023-03-11What the Dutch election results mean for the Dutch Farmers.Eva VlaardingerbroekGoing Direct Reset, War on Food, Netherlands, Property Theft, Climate ChangeArticle2023-03-22
2023-03-09Raw Milk Abbey RockefellerChildrens Health DefenseWar on Food, Raw MilkVideo2023-03-14
2023-03-11Tens of thousands of people turned up for the Dutch farmers protest.TwitterGoing Direct Reset, War on Food, Dutch FarmersTweet2023-03-12
2023-03-06Attack on Food and Agriculture symposium went very wellDr. Meryl NassGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, PushbackArticle2023-03-08
2023-03-04Diane Perlman blogged about the symposium, and even wrote a song about the attack on foodDr. Meryl NassGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, PushbackArticle2023-03-08
2023-03-03mRNA Vaccines for Livestock? - Questions For Corbett #097Corbett ReportWar on Food, mRNA Livestock InnoculationArticle, Video2023-03-06
2023-02-13Report details how a handful of Corporations are taking control of the World’s Food SupplyThe ExposeGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Total ControlArticle2023-03-06
2023-03-01The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight BackChildrens Health DefenseWar on Food, Pushback, CHDVideo2023-03-04
2023-01-31Homo chimericus: Chitinization, through an insect-based diet, in synergy with Graphenization, of food and medicines, is generating a new chimeric and connected human organismXochi's SubstackGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Insect ProtienArticle2023-03-01
2023-02-13A teaser notice: I am producing a Symposium on the Attack on Food and Agriculture--and how to fight back, on Saturday, March 4Dr. Meryl NassGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Dr. Nass, PushbackArticle2023-02-15
2023-02-12A ‘vegan chicken’ dispute in Switzerland could set a European precedentSwiss InfoGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, SwitzerlandArticle2023-02-14
2023-02-07Fake Meat Fail: Sales Collapse At Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods As 20% Of Staff Laid OffLew RockwellGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Pushback, Consumer RejectionArticle2023-02-08
2023-02-06Fire At New Zealand's Largest Egg Farm Kills 75,000 Hens Amid National ShortageWar on FoGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Unexplained Fires, New ZealandArticle2023-02-08
2023-02-03Oh SH*T! What's happening to our Chickens and Eggs? (War on Food)RedactedCovid -19 Cover Up, War on Food, Manufactured Egg ShortagesVideo2023-02-07
2023-02-01No Dig Urban GardeningNo Dig Urban GardeningWar on Food, Pushback, EUArticle2023-02-06
2023-02-01BOMBSHELL REPORT: Multiple Studies Have Now Identified Egg Yolk Antibodies Block the Binding of Multiple SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Spike Protein Variants..TwitterCovid -19 Cover Up, Egg Yolk Benefits, War on FoodTweet2023-02-06
2023-01-30Approximately 100,000 Hens Killed in Fire at Hillandale Farms in Bozrah: DoAgNBC CTGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Unexplained FiresArticle, Video2023-02-01
2023-01-28Seed Shop FireSeeds for GenerationsGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Unexplained FiresArticle2023-02-01
2023-01-01DURCHFÜHRUNGSVERORDNUNG (EU) 2023/5 DER KOMMISSIONLex-EUGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Insect ProtienArticle2023-01-23
2023-01-17Whistleblower Reveals What is Behind the Mass Attacks on US Food Facilities (Video)RAIR FoundationGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Unexplained Fires, ExplosionsArticle, Video2023-01-18
2023-01-13Farmers built their own slaughterhouseTirol.orf.atGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Austriana Farmers, PushbackArticle2023-01-16
2023-01-07The Disturbing Details Behind the Bird Flu and Egg PricesAmerican ThinkerGoing Direct Rest, War on Food, Bird FluArticle2023-01-11
2023-01-03The first-ever vaccine for honeybees has been approved by the USDACNNVaxxed Honey Bees, War on FoodArticle2023-01-10
2022-08-09Tristate City - The Reason to Bankrupt Dutch Farmers - The NetherlandsClyde Do SomethingGoing Direct Reset, War on Food, Netherlands, Property Theft, Climate ChangeVideo2023-01-10
2023-01-06The Politics of PesticidesCHDWar on Food, PesticidesArticle, Video2023-01-09
2022-04-14Salinas Fire: Massive Fire Engulfs Salinas Food Processing Plant Neighborhoods EvacuatedYouTubeFires & FloodsFood Processing Plant Damaged, Welding Project, Salinas Valley, CAVideo2022-04-26
2022-06-14Fire Breaks Out at a Food Processing Plant West of Waupaca County in WisconsinYour NewsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-30
2022-06-12Largest US Pork Packer Closing California Plant, Citing High Costs and Red TapeYour NewsInfrastructure Destruction, Government Policy & Regulation, InflationInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-30
2022-04-26The Global Risks Report 2022World EconomicInfrastructure DestructionClimage Change, Global RisksArticle2022-04-27
2022-05-09Thousands Under Evacuation Orders, 300 Buildings Burned As Wildfires Rip Through New MexicoZerohedgeFires & FloodsFires, NMArticle2022-05-11
2022-03-21Death Toll Rises To Over 12 Million Chickens And Turkeys In 2nd Month Of America's Horrific Bird Flu PandemicZero HedgeGovernment SlaughtersBird Flu, Pandemic, Domestic Flock,Article2022-04-26
2022-03-15Risk Is On: Food, Energy, Goods And Finance Are All Being Used As A WeaponZerohedgeFertilizer & FuelFood, Energy, Finance, WeaponizeArticle2022-04-26
2022-01-07Move Over Farmers, The Fully Autonomous, Self-Driving Tractor Has Officially ArrivedZerohedgeTransportationTractor, Self Driving, FarmingArticle2022-04-26
2022-06-14Another US Food Processing Plant Erupts In FlamesZerohedgeFires & FloodsFood, Processing, Plant, FireArticle2022-06-16
2022-07-06The Dutch Farmers' Protest & The War On FoodZero HedgeFarmer Buyouts, Fertilizer & Fuel, Government Policy & Regulation, InflationNetherlands, War of FoodArticle2022-07-14
2020-05-29Over 9 Million US Families Fear They Can't Afford Food Next Month: Census SurveyZero HedgeInflationInflationArticle2022-04-26
2022-05-17"Genetically-Edited" Food – The Next Stage Of The Great Reset?ZerohedgeSynthetic-FoodGenetically-Edited, Great ResetArticle2022-05-19
2022-02-13USDA Suspends Mexican Avocado Imports, Stokes Yet More Food InflationZerohedgeGovernment Policy & RegulationUSDA, Mexico, Avocado, Food, InflationArticle2022-04-26
2022-03-11UN Warns Ukraine War Could Spark 20% Surge In Global Food PricesZerohedgeInflationUkraine, UN, FAO, Food, InflationArticle2022-04-26
2021-10-07Global Food Prices Hit Fresh Decade HighZero HedgeGovernment Policy & RegulationSupply ChainArticle2022-04-26
2022-05-14Egg Prices Soar As 10% Of Nation's Hens Wiped Out By Devastating Bird FluZerohedgeGovernment SlaughtersEggs, Bird Flu, High Prices, InflationArticle2022-05-19
2022-04-03Canadian River Bottom Ranch FireMendota RanchFires & FloodsWar on Meat, War on Small FarmsVideo2022-04-26
2015-01-29Charlie Rose: Sir James Goldsmith InterviewYoutubeGovernment Policy & RegulationNAFTA, Labor, Supply Chain, TradeVideo2022-04-26
2022-04-22Something Strange Happening to US Food Processing Plants...YoutubeFires & FloodsUS, Food, Processing PlantsVideo2022-08-22
2022-05-04Food Supply Shutdown: Deer, fish, pigs euthanized crops not plantedYoutubeGovernment SlaughtersFood Supply, Shutdown, Euthanized Animals, FarmingVideo2022-08-15
2021-12-13West Side food processing plant left with smoke damage after fire, SAFD saysYouTubeFires & FloodsFood Processing Plant food smoke damage, San Antonio, TexasVideo2022-04-26
2020-03-10Vandana Shiva On the Real Cause of World HungerYouTubeGovernment Policy & RegulationIntensive Chemical FarmingVideo2022-04-26
2022-04-26War on Food Goes Hot: FBI warns cyberattacks on farms -- One farm stands upIce Age FarmerInfrastructure DestructionWar on Food, The Going Direct ResetVideo2022-04-26
2022-01-28Firefighters investigate ‘suspicious’ fire at Fresno creamery, officials sayYour Valley CentralFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle2022-08-25
2022-02-28Officials continue to investigate Shearer’s Foods explosionYAKTriNewsInfrastructure DestructionWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle, Video2022-06-28
2022-04-30Chesapeake Fire responds to industrial fire at Perdue Farms facilityWTKR3Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle2022-08-25
2021-12-10U.S. Inflation Hit a 39-Year High in November2021-12-10The Wall Street JournalInflationUS, Inflation, Year HighArticle2021-12-12
2022-01-17Orange- Juice Prices Climb After Forecasts for the Smallest Crop Since 1945Wall St JournalLabor-ShortagesOrange Juice, Crops, Shortages,Article2022-04-26
2021-08-24Fire severely damages beloved Cobb County meat companyWSBTVFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-05-24Fire damages Riceland soybean storage plantWorld GrainFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-25
2021-11-29Fire erupts at meat processing facility in Lackawanna CountyWNEP16Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle, Video2022-06-22
2022-04-12Crews battled fire for 16 hours at East Conway Beef and PorkWMUR9Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-25
2022-02-25Search on for suspect who lit stack of logs on fire outside Safeway grocery store in Bel AirWMAR2 NewsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, ArsonArticle2022-08-26
2021-11-14Woman charged in Garrard County Food Pantry fireWKYTFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-02-25Wisconsin River Meats open for business after a near total loss27WKOWInfrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-28
2022-02-24First responders battle fire at Tampa grocery storeNews Channel 8Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-26
2022-02-08Fake Meat and Other Fake Foods: Synthetic Biology Wolves in “Sustainable” Sheep’s ClothingWeston PriceSynthetic-FoodFake Meat, Fake Food, Synthetic BiologyArticle2022-05-20
2022-02-19Farmers helping farmers following St. Albans fireWCAXInfrastructure DestructionWar on Milk, Food Processing DestructionArticle, Video2022-06-28
2022-01-27Townsend Shopping Center unsure of store’s future after fire destroys decades-old buildingWate.comFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle, Video2022-08-26
2022-06-07Fire damages JBS Foods plant in Green BayWAPLFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-30
2022-02-01Police investigating fire started in Tifton WalmartWLAB10Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle2022-08-26
2022-03-24UPDATE- Cause of Major Fire at McCrum Potato Processing Facility releasedCBS5Fires & FloodsWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle, Video2022-06-28
2022-02-03Fire destroys Percy family barnStowe ReportInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, War on Small FarmsArticle2022-06-28
2022-02-16MONEYThe Big Mac Index: A Measure of Purchasing Power Parity & Burger InflationVisual CapitalistInflationInflation, Big Max, Purchasing PowerArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-26US Rail Carriers Are Cutting Fertilizer, Grain, Coal ShipmentsVision TimesTransportationWar on Food, US, MonopolyArticle2022-04-26
2022-03-09Employees Laid off After Fire Guts Potato Chip PlantUS NewsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-30
2021-09-13Fire at Huge Nebraska Beef Plant Disrupts Production BrieflyUS NewsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-04-22Food processing plant fire – Plane crash today in Georgia sees chaos unfold at General Mills factory in CovingtonThe SunFires & FloodsFood, Plant not damaged, Near Miss, Plane crashArticle2022-04-26
2022-06-06Pennsylvania duck farm hit with avian influenzaThe Poultry SiteInfrastructure DestructionInfrastructure Destruction, Bird FluArticle2022-06-30
2022-04-01Rio Fresh Inc's onion facility damaged in warehouse fireThe PackerFires & FloodsProduce Processing Plant Destroyed, Rio Fresh Inc, Onions mid season, San Juan TexasArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-19Georgia Declares a State of Emergency Over Supply Chain ShortagesThe Organic PrepperSupply ChainUS Shortages, State of Emergency, GAArticle2022-04-27
2021-08-15Richard Werner Interview Covid Measures And The Central Controls Over The EconomyThe Last American VagabondGovernment Policy & RegulationEconomy, Government Policy, Covid,Video2022-04-26
2022-05-08If we want to save the planet, the future of food is insectsThe GuardianSynthetic-FoodClimate Change, Insect FoodArticle2022-06-14
2022-06-11Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden AdministrationGateway PunditFires & FloodsFood, Plant, Fires, Floods, ListArticle2022-06-14
2022-06-26ANOTHER CLOSURE: One of the Largest Chicken Producers in the U.S. Announces Tennessee Plant Shutdown
Gateway PunditInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, PoultryArticle2022-06-28
2022-05-30One Of The Largest Egg Factories In US Torched In The Middle Of The Night Amid Outbreak Of Fires In Food Processing Facilities Across The NationGateway PunditFires & FloodsUS, Fire, Eggs, Plant, FireArticle2022-06-01
2022-01-07Trends in U.S. irrigated agriculture: Increasing resilience under water supply scarcityThe Fence PostGovernment Policy & RegulationAgriculture, Irrigation, Water, SupplyArticle2022-04-26
2021-12-17Too many to count: Factors driving fertilizer prices higher and higherThe Fence PostFertilizer & FuelPrices, Fuel, Global DemandArticle2022-04-26
2021-12-16Recent data show dominant meat processing companies are taking advantage of market power to raise prices and grow profit marginsThe Fence PostInflationMeat, Biden, Supply Chains, ProcessingArticle2022-04-26
2022-01-07Beefing up competitionThe Fence PostGovernment Policy & RegulationMeat, Prices, CompetitionArticle2022-04-26
2022-07-25Alarming surprises in EPA’s atrazine proposalThe Fence PostGovernment Policy & RegulationEPA, Atrazine, FarmersArticle2022-07-29
2022-07-26UN, World Economic Forum Behind Global ‘War on Farmers’: ExpertsThe Epoch TimesGovernment Policy & RegulationUN, WEF, War on FarmersArticle2022-08-04
2022-02-04Fire kills at least 130 cows at Stowe dairy farmThe BullvineFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle, Video2022-06-23
2022-03-11BLAZE CARNAGE Massive fire at Winn-Dixie Shopping Center in Madison, Florida sees stores destroyed as crews battle blazeSun USFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-26
2022-04-30Store owners must lay off 25 employees after the fireTeller ReportFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle2022-08-26
2022-05-17Cows may need permit to graze meadows in NetherlandsTelegraafGovernment Policy & RegulationCows, Grazing, PermitArticle2022-05-18
2022-01-05Machine fire forces evacuation of Vero Beach Walmart SupercenterTC PalmFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Equipment MalfunctionArticle2022-08-26
2022-04-26Fire Marshal’s office investigating fire at Hormel Foods plantSuffolk News HeraldFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle2022-08-25
2020-08-26Farmers say Royal grain elevator explosion could slow harvestSiouxland ProudFires & FloodsGrain elevator, Royal, IowaArticle2022-04-26
2021-11-12Who really benefits from the creation of a land market in Ukraine?RimitoFarmer BuyoutsUkraine, Farmland, BuyoutsArticle2022-08-22
2022-05-11Survey Says: Americans wants American-grown foodRFD TVSupply ChainAmerican Food, Demand, Supply Chain, Made in the USAArticle2022-05-12
2022-03-04U.S. reports highly lethal bird flu at commercial chicken farm in MissouriReutersInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, Bird FluArticle2022-06-28
2022-03-14Wisconsin flock of 2.75 mln chickens to be culled as bird flu spreads in U.S.ReutersInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, Bird FluArticle2022-06-28
2022-02-01North Carolina fertilizer plant fire causes fear of explosion, area evacuatedReutersFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-23
2019-08-28USDA to probe beef market after Tyson Foods slaughterhouse fireReutersFires & FloodsTyson, USDA, Price Manipulation, 5% of U.S. slaughterArticle2022-04-26
2022-08-10Producer Owned Beef Launches With State of Texas FundingCision PR NewswireGovernment Policy & RegulationProducers, Beef, Texas Enterprise Fund,Article2022-08-11
2022-03-31Belfast potato plant fire was accidental, but cause remains undeterminedPress HeraldFires & FloodsWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-08-25Fire Reported at North America’s Biggest Silica Plant Image courtesy of PixabayPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-25
2022-06-20Post Moves to Close Michael Foods Dried Egg Plant Powder Bulk SolidsFires & FloodsPlant ClosureArticle2022-08-25
2022-06-28Nestle Food Plant Heavily Damaged in FirePowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle2022-06-28
2021-05-07Fire at Smithfield Plant and Other Food Industry NewsPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-07-17Fire Reported at Domino Sugar PlantPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Equipment MalfunctionArticle2022-08-25
2022-08-25Fire at J.M. Smucker Plant and Other Food Industry NewsPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-25
2021-08-02Fire Damages Tyson-Owned Feed Ingredients Plant Image courtesy of PixabayPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-08-25Explosion Reported at Western Sugar FacilityPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionExplosion, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-25
2022-06-23Explosion and Fire Reported at Cargill-Nutrena Feed Mill Image courtesy of PixabayPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-23
2022-08-25Blaze Breaks Out at Keurig/Dr. Pepper Coffee Processing PlantPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Equipment MalfunctionArticle2022-08-25
2015-05-08Who Owns Agricultural Land in Ukraine?Oakland InstituteFarmer BuyoutsUkraine, Farmland, UkraineArticle2022-08-22
2021-01-22Potato Plant Down: Fire At Central Washington Facility Hurts Already Struggling IndustryNWPBFires & FloodsWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2021-07-25Record-Breaking Flooding In China Has Left Over One Million People DisplacedNPRFires & FloodsChina, FloodingArticle2022-04-27
2022-04-227 Injured in Explosion as Fire Engulfs Food Plant Smoke Visible for MilesNewsweekFires & FloodsWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle, Video2022-04-26
2019-07-08A parasitological evaluation of edible insects and their role in the transmission of parasitic diseases to humans and animalsNIHSynthetic-FoodInsects, Food, Parasites, Human, AnimalsArticle2022-08-08
2022-02-24 Mauston meat processing plant loses storefront in fireNBC15Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle, Video2022-08-25
2022-02-03Portion of Wisconsin River Meats plant “a total loss” after overnight blazeNBC15Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-23
2022-04-05Egg prices spike amid bird flu outbreaks at U.S. farms Egg prices are on the rise along with reported bird flu cases in the U.S.NBC12Government SlaughtersGary, Indiana, eggs, Avian Flu, Slaughter, ChickensArticle2022-04-26
2022-02-03Vermont farm family loses more than 100 cows in barn fireNBC12Fires & Floods100 Cows, Barn Burn, Stowe, VermontArticle2022-04-26
2021-12-15We're still in shock: 9 calves killed in Richlands Dairy Farm barn fireNBC12Fires & FloodsCalf Barn, Blackstone, VA, Richlands Dairy FarmArticle, Video2022-04-26
2022-05-17Science pushes cruel new artificial “cultured” meat that involves slicing into heifers while still aliveNatural NewsSynthetic-FoodFake Meat, Cultured Meat, Cruel SlaughterArticle2022-05-27
2022-04-22IMF now warning that food supply shortages will create waves of social unrest across the globeNatural NewsLabor-ShortagesFood Supply, IMF, Global ShortagesArticle2022-04-27
2022-01-20Here it comes: Food prices set to skyrocket throughout 2022 as rising costs hit small-to-medium-sized farmsNatural NewsFertilizer & FuelFood, Small Farm, Fuel, InflationArticle2022-04-26
2021-11-12Beyond Meat stock plunges as Americans reject Frankenfood burgersNatural NewsSynthetic-FoodFake MeatArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-09Cell-Cultured Chicken Meat Goes Live In SingaporeNatural BlazeSynthetic-FoodSingapore, Franken FoodsArticle2022-04-26
2022-07-18Skittles lawsuit claims ‘toxin’ makes them ‘unfit for human consumption’MSNSynthetic-FoodSkittles, Titanium Oxide, Unfit for Human ConsumptionArticle2022-07-29
2022-02-11Indiana Farm Euthanizes Nearly 30K Turkeys After Bird Flu Kills 100 Of ThemMSNGovernment SlaughtersIndia, Turkeys, Euthanize, Bird FluArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-24Indonesia's palm oil export ban leaves global buyers with no plan BMSNGovernment Policy & RegulationPalm Oil, Indonesia, BanArticle2022-04-27
2022-03-25Economist Who Predicted Covid Tyranny Warns of Imminent CollapseLew RockwellGovernment Policy & RegulationCovid, Lockdown, Economy, CollapseArticle, Video2022-04-26
2022-03-19Print Fire at Panorama City WalmartLAFDFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-26
2022-02-11Darigold resumes partial production in Caldwell four months after fireKTVBFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2021-01-21Fire destroys Washington Potato Company in Warden, all evacuations liftedKREMFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-04-06Former Scott grocery building burns overnightKLFYFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, ArsonArticle2022-08-26
2022-08-17Trudeau's policies will put Canada's food supply in peril and lead to higher prices - Maxime BernierKitcoGovernment Policy & RegulationCanada, Policies, Inflation, Food SupplyArticle2022-08-18
2022-02-23Workers fear impact of Hermiston food plant explosionKGW8Fires & FloodsHermiston, Oregon, Heavy Damage, Shearer''s Foods Plant, Portable boiler, Food'Article2022-04-26
2022-01-26East Bakersfield Walmart evacuated due to fire, explosion of seatrainKGETFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Equipment MalfunctionArticle2022-08-26
2022-02-20Employee hospitalized after chemical leak at Fremont plant, two others hurtKETVInfrastructure DestructionWar on MeatArticle2022-06-28
2022-02-04Nut processing plant destroyed in large commercial fire in Sutter CountyKCRA3Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle2022-08-25
2022-06-11Gov. Reynolds issues disaster proclamation issued after bird flu confirmed Iowa facilityKCCI.comInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, Bird FluArticle, Video2022-06-28
2022-08-10Destroying Baby FormulaInstagramInfrastructure DestructionBaby Formula, Shortage, Fraud, FoodVideo2022-08-11
2022-05-21A food insecurity expert predicts that there's only 10 weeks of wheat supplies left in the world as Russian invasion disrupts productionBusiness InsiderSupply ChainFood, Security, Wheat, SupplyArticle2022-06-02
2022-04-10Shanghai locals scream from windows, protest as city faces food shortage amid Covid-19 spike | Viral VideosIndia TodayGovernment Policy & RegulationLockdown, Shaghai, Covid-19, Food ShortagesArticle2022-04-27
2019-06-18Fake Food, Fake Meat: Big Food’s Desperate Attempt to Further the Industrialisation of FoodIndependent Science NewsSynthetic-FoodFake Food, Synthetic MeatArticle2022-05-12
2022-04-14Plane crashes into Idaho potato and food processing plant, killing the pilot, cops sayIdaho StatesmanFires & FloodsPlane CrashArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-08BIRD FLU: the Next Pandemic?Ice Age FarmerInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, War on Small FarmsArticle, Video2022-04-26
2022-02-06Louis Dreyfus reports fire at largest U.S. soy processing plantHydrocarbon ProcessingFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-25
2022-06-08Firefighters douse midnight mill fireHammond StarFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-30
2022-04-29“Computer malfunction” Caused Death of 27,000 ChickensHackreadFires & FloodsFire, Computer Malfunction, ChickensArticle2022-05-06
2022-04-12Apply for a lump sum payment to leave or retire from farmingUK.govFarmer BuyoutsUK Farmer Retirement ProgramArticle2022-04-26
2021-12-31China's food administrator stresses food security, vows to create a strategic food reserve systemGlobal TimesGovernment SlaughtersChina, Food, Security, ReserveArticle2022-04-26
2022-06-02Fake Meat, Fake Breastmilk and Food ShortagesGlobal ResearchSynthetic-FoodFake Meat, Breastmilk, ShortagesArticle2022-06-03
2022-05-29Minnesota fire at commercial egg farm likely leaves thousands of chickens deadFox NewsInfrastructure DestructionInfrastructure Destruction, Bird FluArticle2022-06-30
2022-06-13Smithfield Foods, citing high costs of operating in California, to close pork plantFox NewsInfrastructure Destruction, InflationPermanently ClosingArticle, Video2022-08-25
2022-08-24Crews battle major fire at Cobb County meat companyFox5Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle, Video2022-08-25
2021-01-14America's Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill GatesForbesFarmer BuyoutsBill Gates, Farm, LandArticle2021-12-01
2022-03-10FDA approves GMO cattle for foodFood DriveGovernment Policy & RegulationFDA, GMO, Food, CattleArticle2022-04-26
2022-03-01WA Fertilizer Plant Fire Forces EvacuationsFirehouse.comFertilizer & FuelFetilizer FireArticle2022-06-28
2022-02-17A fire had broken at US largest soybean processing and biodiesel plant in Claypool, IndianaFermoxmeInfrastructure DestructionWar on Food, Food Processing Destruction, SoyArticle2022-06-28
2022-03-17Competition and the Intellectual Property System: Seeds and Other Agricultural InputsFederal RegisterGovernment Policy & RegulationSeed PatentsArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-25Fed's interest rate strategy could backfire on farmersFarm ProgressInflationPurchasing PowerArticle2022-04-27
2022-07-27Proposal to pay farmers €5,000 to cull cowsIrish Farmers JournalFarmer BuyoutsIreland, Farmers, Buyouts, Cull CowsArticle2022-08-04
2022-02-02El Paso firefighters battle burning building in the Segundo Barrio near DowntownEl Paso TimesFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-23
2022-02-15Photos: Bonanza Meat Co. building fire on Paisano Drive near Downtown El PasoEl Paso TimesInfrastructure DestructionWar on MeatArticle2022-06-28
2022-03-23Walmart Is Closing Some Locations For These ReasonsEatthis.comConsolidation, Supply Chain, Labor-ShortagesPermenant ClosuresArticle2022-08-26
2022-01-075 Grocery Shortages That Are Outraging CustomersEat ThisSupply ChainFood, Grocery, Shortages, Supply ChainsArticle2022-04-26
2020-11-13Ouroboros Steak grow-your-own human meat kit is "technically" not cannibalismDezeenSynthetic-FoodFake Meat, Food, Human Meat, CannibalismArticle2022-04-26
2020-10-023 injured in fire at Tremonton meatpacking plantDesert NewsFires & FloodsWest Liberty Foods, Tremont UtahArticle2022-04-26
2022-02-23Avian influenza contracted at New Castle County poultry farmDPMInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, Bird FluArticle2022-06-28
2022-05-24Government green-lights the development of 'gene edited' crops and livestock in the UK - and says they will be sold UNLABELLED in supermarketsDaily MailSynthetic-FoodGene Edited, Food, UKArticle2022-06-03
2022-01-06Leave us alone to do what we do best: Fury at plan to hand millions to farmers to turn 741,000 acres of land into nature reserves as ''rewilding cult'' loved by Carrie's pals the Goldsmith brothers forms centre of shake-upDaily MailFarmer BuyoutsFarmers, Food Security, Nature ReservesArticle2022-04-26
2022-05-18Italy's longest river, fed by melt from the Alps, dries up, threatening agricultural collapseDaily KosInfrastructure DestructionItaly, Longest River, Draught, Agricultural, Collapse, Food SupplyArticle2022-05-20
2022-04-05Fire damages Benton WalmartDaily DispatchFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle2022-08-26
2022-04-27NEW Controlled Food System Is Now In Place And They Will Stop At Nothing To Accelerate Their ControlCorey DiggsConsolidationGoing Direct Reset, Total ControlArticle2022-05-09
2022-03-22Bird Flu Outbreak Found in Nebraska That Affects 570,000 ChickensComplex.comInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, Bird FluArticle2022-06-28
2022-04-23Bird Flu Epidemic Has Claimed at Least 36 Bald least 27 million chickens and turkeysCNETGovernment SlaughterBird Flu, Epidemic, Chickens, Turkeys, FarmersArticle2022-04-26
2022-01-07Crews battle ‘stubborn fire’ on Hamilton Mountain, damage in the millionsCHCHFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-04-12Huge Fire Destroys Somaliland MarketLive TVFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-26
2022-03-05Avian influenza found in Cecil County poultry farmCecil WhigInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, Bird FluArticle2022-06-28
2022-04-26China finds first human H3N8 bird flu caseCanberra TimesGovernment Policy & RegulationChina, Bird Flu, Poultry, H3N8 VariantArticle2022-04-27
2022-01-12North Korea is encouraging citizens to make manure from their own poop to counter a shortage of fertilizer from China, reports sayBusiness InsiderFertilizer & FuelN Korean, Human Manure, Fertilizer ShortageArticle2022-04-27
2022-04-26Study–Diet Necessary to Save the Planet from Climate Change: Vat-Grown Milk, Culture-Grown Meat, and BugsBreitbartSynthetic-FoodClimate Change, War on Meat, Sustainable FoodArticle2022-04-27
2022-02-16Amazon Exploiting Zoning Laws To Buy Up Large Swaths Of Land In California's Bay AreaBreitbartConsolidationAmazon, Land, Zoning LawsArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-29Episode 265: Food Wars ~57:00 minsDel BigtreeFires & Floods, Infrastructure Destruction, Fertilizer & Fuel, Government Policy & RegulationGoing Direct Reset, War on FoodVideo2022-07-14
2022-01-07Fire Hits Old Market in KoratBangkok PostFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle, Video2022-08-26
2022-03-2950,000 lb of food destroyed after fire ripped through Maricopa Food PantryAZ's Family 3 TVFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFood Pantry Destroyed, Maricopa Arizona, Food DesertArticle, Video2022-03-29
2022-05-27Three Large American Multinationals Bought 17 Million Hectares of Ukrainian Agricultural LandAustralian National ReviewFarmer BuyoutsUkraine, Farmland, BuyoutsArticle2022-08-22
2022-05-27Three Large American Multinationals Bought 17 Million Hectares of Ukrainian Agricultural LandAustralian National ReviewFarmer BuyoutsUkraine, Agricultural, LandArticle2022-07-29
2022-02-09USDA Confirms Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in a Commercial Turkey Flock in Dubois County, IndianaUSDAGovernment SlaughtersUSDA, Bird Flu, Turkey, LivestockArticle2022-04-26
2019-10-19Why Is The Elitist Establishment So Obsessed With Meat?Algora BlogGovernment Policy & RegulationClimate Change, Fake Meat, ElitesArticle2022-04-26
2022-07-30Livestock Producers Report Being Just Days Away From Running Out of Feed Due to Shipping Rail Issues Ag WebInfrastructure Destruction, Supply Chain, TransportationFeed ShortagesArticle, Video2022-07-04
2022-05-10Fire damages Willow convenience and liquor storeAnchorage Daily NewsFires & FloodsFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-26
2022-04-26Thousands of chickens died in a blazing fire in the stable in HeusdenAd.NLFires & FloodsFire, Food Processing, NLArticle2022-04-27
2022-07-25Despite 0 Complaints, Amish Farmer Fined $250K, Facing Jail, & Shut Down for Humanely Raising AnimalsActivist PostInfrastructure DestructionAgriculture, Amish, Constitution, USDAArticle2022-07-29
2022-02-27Fire chief to Walmart gawkers: A video’s ‘not worth your life’ABC27Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, No Cause GivenArticle2022-08-26
2022-06-09Food processors warn gas crisis may shut them down and see food prices rise ChainFood Processor, Gas Prices, InflationArticle2022-06-14
2022-03-19Fire burns food truck warehouse in Denver9NewsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-25
2022-02-21Chemical leak at Costco chicken supplier in Fremont injures three, shuts down operationsKMTV3Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-30
2022-03-30Valley Fire destroys 40,000 pounds of food at Maricopa Food Pantry12NewsFires & FloodsWar on FoodArticle, Video2022-06-28
2022-02-07Fire closes Huntsville Walmart storeNews19Fires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-26
2022-04-14Massive fire at Salinas food processing plant prompts evacuationsFireFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-25
2010-05-01American Rancher Uncut Interview Pt 1, Wayne Hage at Pine Creek 2005VimeoGovernment Policy & RegulationRancher, Grazing Rights, Water RightsVideo2022-05-13
2022-07-01Another Food Processing Plant Closes Amid Potential Food Shortages, Over 200 Jobs GoneUSSA NewsInfrastructure Destruction, InflationWar on FoodArticle2022-07-01
2022-03-17Gates Foundation agriculture project in Africa flunks reviewUS RTKGovernment Policy & RegulationGates Foundation, Africa, Investments,Article2022-04-26
2022-07-08Putin on food crisis, inflation, & US economyTwitterFertilizer & Fuel, InflationFood InflationTweet2022-07-14
2022-08-14Oregon ...Another Food Processing Plant up in flamesTwitterFires & FloodsOregon, Food Processing Plant, FireVideo, Tweet2022-08-15
2022-07-15Italian farmers rise up in Milan and block city traffic: "We are not slaves, we are farmers!"TwitterGovernment Policy & RegulationItaly, Farmers, Milan, Blocking Traffic, Climate ChangeVideo, Tweet2022-08-08
2022-04-21Another food processing plant gets hitTwitterFires & FloodsWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionTweet2022-04-26
2022-08-1450 cows died in a few minutes, one after another, under the horrified gaze of the breeder, in a field in ItalyTwitterInfrastructure DestructionDead CowsVideo, Tweet2022-08-15
2022-05-18Finland has made bread with crushed insectsTwitterSynthetic-FoodInsects, BreadVideo, Tweet2022-05-19
2022-04-17German food minister says Western countries need to send more weapons into Ukraine to avert a global famine: reportTrue Viral NewsGovernment Policy & RegulationUkraine, Food ShortagesArticle2022-04-26
2021-12-01Wild Ride Ahead for Dairy in 2022The MilkweedLabor-ShortagesDairy, Production, Global SupplyArticle2022-04-26
2022-03-29The Multi-Vector Assault On The Global Food SupplyThe Irish SentinelLabor-ShortagesDigital ID, Food Shortages,Video2022-04-26
2022-04-02Multiple Large Food Processing & Distribution Plants in US Have Recently Exploded or Burned DownThe Free Thought ProjectFires & FloodsWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-25The Great Reset Update: food processing plants burning down all over the world, as Europe, Australia prepare for fuel rationingThe Covid BlogFires & FloodsGreat Reset, Food, Plants, FiresArticle2022-06-14
2022-05-13Tucker Carlson Explains the Govt Created Subsidized Baby Formula Monopoly and Current ShortagesThe Last RefugeGovernment Policy & RegulationBaby Formula, Subsidized, MonopolyArticle2022-05-18
2022-05-12Producer Price Inflation Continues Surging at 11 Percent, Annualized Processed Food Increases Now 34.8 PercentThe Last RefugeInflationProducer Price, Process Food, Increase, InflationArticle2022-05-13
2022-04-17Union Pacific Rail Line Begins Restricting U.S. Fertilizer DistributionThe Conservative TreehouseFertilizer & FuelWar on Food, US, MonopolyArticle2022-04-26
2022-01-09Temporary Empty Shelves Are Not a Supply Chain Crisis, It Is Important to Understand the DifferenceThe Last RefugeLabor-ShortagesEmpty Shelves, Disinformation, Food, Weather, LaborArticle2022-04-26
2022-08-05LCRA cuts off water for agriculture due to drought conditionsTexas Farm BureauGovernment Policy & RegulationLCRA, Water, Cut OffArticle2022-08-08
2022-03-14Fire damages supermarket chain Carrefour's warehouseTaiwan English NewsFires & FloodsHalf of center destroyed, dry goods and electric, Fire, Super Market Chain, Carrefour, TaiwanArticle2022-04-26
2022-03-14Steven Henshaw: Farmers in northeastern Berks come to aid of fellow dairyman in rescue of 42 cows from burning barnYahoo NewsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, War on Small FarmsArticle2022-06-28
2022-08-03Global Poultry Culling Doubles as Food Shortage Crisis DeepensSlayLabor-ShortagesPoultry, Shortages, Culling, Food CrisisArticle2022-08-10
2017-07-11The Gruesome Truth About What's in Lab-Grown MeatSlateSynthetic-FoodFetal cow bloodArticle2022-04-26
2022-07-10BILL GATES AND THE DUTCH MINISTER FOR NITROGEN JUST PARTNERED IN A MAJOR FOOD RETAIL COMPANYSilviewConsolidationNetherlands, Bill Gates, Minister of Nitrogen, PartnershipArticle2022-07-14
2022-04-01Where to Buy Meat from Audubon-Certified RanchesAudobon.orgSupply ChainFarm to Home PurchaseArticle2022-04-26
2021-09-23Lab-Meat to Hit U.S. Grocery Shelves by 2022, After Quiet Approval by FDA and USDAReturn To NowSynthetic-FoodFood, Lab Meat, FDAArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-21Nearly Half of Honey Tested Contains Mostly Rice Syrup, Wheat Syrup or Sugar Beet SyrupReturn to NowSynthetic-FoodFood DegradationArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-16New Investigation Finds FDA's Food Side Is BrokenReasonGovernment Policy & RegulationFDA FailuresArticle2022-04-26
2022-08-07Netherlands to SHUT DOWN 11 200 farms to meet climate goalsThe Freedom Corner with PeterSwedenGovernment Policy & RegulationNetherlands, Shutdown, Farmers, NitrogenArticle2022-08-23
2022-08-24Walmart Fire On April Fools' Day Linked To Paper Towels: OfficialsPatch.comFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFires, ArsomArticle, Video2022-08-26
2022-04-26Amish Farmer Faces $250K Fine, Jail Time And Losing His Sustainable Farm For Processing His Own MeatOur Organic WellnessGovernment Policy & RegulationAmish, Farmer, Processing, MeatArticle2022-05-18
2022-04-19Fire at Azure Standard HeadquartersAzure StandardFires & FloodsFire, Azure StandardArticle2022-04-19
2022-04-26Russia's war heats up cooking oil prices in global squeezeOmaha World HeraldInflationSunflower Oil, Supply,Ukraine, South AfricaArticle2022-04-26
2022-08-25Fire Breaks Out at General Mills PlantPowder Bulk SolidsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionPlane CrashArticle2022-08-25
2022-02-28Major floods swamp Australia's east coast, claiming 7 livesNY PostFires & FloodsAustrailia, FloodingArticle2022-04-27
2022-05-09Faulty light fixture sparks fire at Fieldale processing plant in CorneliaNowHabershamFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Equipment MalfunctionArticle2022-08-25
2022-07-29USDA Approves Oregon for a State Meat Inspection ProgramNorth East Oregon NOWGovernment Policy & RegulationUSDA, Meat, InspectionArticle2022-08-02
2022-06-11Are You Prepared for the Coming Food Catastrophe?MercolaSupply ChainFood, Crisis, ShortagesArticle2022-06-14
2021-06-30The Current State of U.S. Agriculture and Food Infrastructure, and SolutionsThinkCivicsGovernment Policy & RegulationWar on Meat, War on Small FarmsArticle, Video2022-04-26
2022-06-06NJ Teen Accused of Setting Fire to Local WalmartNJ1015.comFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, ArsonArticle2022-08-26
2022-08-16Sri Lanka is ground zero for the UN’s war on fertilizer – they want to starve the entire planetNewsFertilizer & FuelSri Lanka, UN, FertilizerArticle2022-08-18
2022-05-01BlackRock and Vanguard are taking over centralized food production technologies and will have near-total control over the future food supply in AmericaNewstargetConsolidationBlackrock, Vanguard, Food, Supply, CentralizationArticle2022-06-02
2022-05-12If you think the supply chain collapse is bad now, just wait until summerNews TargetSupply ChainSupply Chain, CollapseArticle2022-05-12
2022-04-01United States to Ban Real MeatNews 7GSynthetic-FoodGates, Food, Meat, Fake MeatArticle2022-04-26
2022-03-11The US Lost 1.3 Million Acres Of Farmland In 2021 - Here's Why It MattersYahoo NewsFarmer BuyoutsFarmland, Shrinking, Real EstateArticle2022-04-26
2022-03-17First Case Of Avian Influenza Detected On Kent County, Delaware farmDelaware.govInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, Bird FluArticle2022-06-28
2022-03-17Nestlé plant sustains extensive damage in fireJonesBorohSunFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-30
2022-07-08Holland: Document Reveals Government Plans to Confiscate Farms for Migrant Asylum SeekersEdward G. GriffinFarmer Buyouts, Government Policy & RegulationImmigration InvasionArticle2022-07-14
2022-06-12Updated List of 95 US Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden AdministrationNeed to KnowFires & FloodsFood, Manufacturing, Plant, FiresArticle2022-06-16
2022-04-25Global Food Shortages ImminentRadical-By Maajid NawazSupply ChainShortages, Supply Chain, Russia,Article2022-04-26
2022-01-15With globalist puppets in control of every Western nation, brace yourself for their next diabolical move: The weaponization of foodLeo HohmannGovernment Policy & RegulationPandemics, Lockdowns, Food ScarcityArticle2022-04-26
2022-02-28Man Injured In Fire At Shadow Brook FarmsKLIN News TalkFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-30
2022-02-28Hazardous fire at Nutrien Ag Plant in SunnysideKIMAFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle, Video2022-06-30
2022-04-19Foreign investment in US cropland nearly triples in past decade, USDA data showsInvestigate MidwestFarmer BuyoutsForeign Investment, Buyouts, Farms, USDAArticle2022-05-12
2022-04-19Foreign investment in US cropland nearly triples in past decade, USDA data showsInvestigate MidwestFarmer BuyoutsFarmer Buyouts, Foreign InvestmentsArticle2022-05-11
2022-08-093D-printing insects mixed with vegetables could help us to prevent food crisisInteresting EngineeringSynthetic-Food3D-Printing, Insects, VegetablesArticle2022-08-10
2022-08-02US corporations own around 30% of Ukrainian arable landBRICSConsolidationUS, Corporations, Ukraine, Arable LandArticle2022-08-04
2022-04-01Iceage Farmer Food Incidence MapIceage FarmerFires & FloodsFood Supply ncidence MapArticle2022-04-26
2022-08-14US Grain Exports to Mexico May Get TougherHoosier AG TodaySupply ChainGlyphosate Push BackArticle2022-08-24
2022-01-07Multiple alarm fire at food processing operation on Hamilton MountainGlobal NewsInfrastructure Destruction, Government SlaughtersInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-23
2022-06-15Another US Food Processing Plant Erupts In FlamesGlobal Community WeeklyInfrastructure DestructionInfrastructure DestructionArticle2022-06-28
2021-11-12Shares in Bill Gates Fake Meat Company Tank as Consumers Reject Bioengineered ''Food"Giza Death StarSynthetic-FoodFrankenfood, Fake Meat, Bill Gates, InsectsArticle2022-04-26
2022-04-26The Nation's Corn Belt Has Lost a Third of Its TopsoilGetPocket.comSoil DegradationCorn, NE, Farming, Top SoilArticle2022-04-27
2022-02-04Fire inside Towson WalmartFox45 NewsFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Unknown-ReasonArticle2022-08-26
2022-03-16Walmart distribution center catches fire near Indianapolis airportFox59Fires & FloodsWar on MilkArticle2022-06-28
2022-04-21Quick fire response saves poultry processor from widespread damageFarm MediaFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, Equipment MalfunctionArticle2022-08-25
2022-06-07Infant Formulas: Crisis What Crisis?Dr's NewsletterSupply Chain, Synthetic-FoodInfant Formula, Quality, AluminumArticle2022-06-14
2022-03-26Farmers on the BrinkDoombergFertilizer & FuelFuel, Shortages, Farms, LaborArticle2022-04-26
2022-05-05Identification of Species in Ground Meat Products Sold on the U.S. Commercial Market Using DNA-Based MethodsChapman UniversitySynthetic-FoodFake Meat, Multiple SpeciesArticle2022-07-13
2022-04-01Iowa egg, turkey farms will lose 50 million birds to bird fluDark NewsInfrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, Bird FluArticle2022-06-28
2022-04-01Cuba's Harvest of SurprisesThe CraftmanshipGovernment Policy & RegulationCuba, Organic Farming, Agroecology RevolutionArticle2022-04-26
2021-01-26State to provide unemployment assistance to Potato Company workersColumbia Basin HeraldFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle2022-06-22
2022-06-07Trillions of Microplastic Particles Spread on Land Used to Grow FoodChildren Health DefenseSoil DegradationSoil, Microplastics, Farming, FoodArticle2022-06-14
2022-08-17‘Biology Trumps Chemicals Every Day,’ Farming Expert Tells RFK, Jr.The DefenderFertilizer & FuelBiology, Fertilizers, FarmingArticle2022-08-18
2022-02-09Bottled Water Contains Nearly Twice as Much Plastic as Tap Water, Tests ShowThe DefenderSynthetic-FoodWater, Bottles, PlasticArticle2022-04-26
2022-05-09Australia Passes Bill Prohibiting Citizens From Growing Their Own Food And Expanding Federal Powers To Size Livestock…Centipede NationGovernment Policy & RegulationAustralia, Food, Livestock, RegulationsArticle2022-05-13
2022-02-21Man Seen on Video Setting Fire at Calexico WalmartCalexico ChronicleFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionFire, ArsonArticle2022-08-26
2022-05-04Bill Gates’ Frankenfood to replace beef follows on from burnt down food factoriesCairns NewsFires & Floods, Synthetic-FoodBill Gates, Fake Meats, Fire, FactoriesArticle2022-05-06
2022-04-03Second avian influenza case found in WisconsinBrownfield Ag NewsGovernment SlaughtersAvian Flu, WI, Dept of AGArticle2022-04-27
2022-04-25Open letter to FBI, NYT, WaPo: ongoing destruction of food processing plants across AmericaJon RappoportFires & Floods, Infrastructure DestructionWar on Food, Food Processing DestructionArticle2022-04-26
2022-02-28Man Injured In Fire At Shadow Brook FarmsB107.3Infrastructure DestructionWar on Meat, War on Small FarmsArticle2022-06-28
2015-11-12Food Chain Reaction crisis simulation ends with global carbon taxCargillSupply ChainFood Chain, Shortages, Civil Unrest, Carbon Tax, Climate ChangeArticle2022-06-27
2022-04-25Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targetsThe Guardian UKGovernment Policy & RegulationWar on Meat, Climate Change, Carbon Regulation, Sheep, CattleArticle2022-04-27
2022-02-07USDA Supports Climate-Smart Commodities with $1 Billion InvestmentAgNetGovernment Policy & RegulationUSDA, Agriculture, Climate-Smart, CommoditiesArticle2022-04-26
2022-03-02EXPLAINER: California farmers hit again with water cutsABC newsInfrastructure DestructionCA, Water, Drought, FarmersArticle2022-04-26
2022-05-02Fire damages food processing plant in northwest FresnoABC30Fires & FloodsFire, Ammonia LeakArticle, Video2022-08-25
2022-03-06Water As A WeaponIndy MediaGovernment Policy & RegulationWater InfrastructureArticle2022-04-27
2022-04-20War in Ukraine Could Be the Mother of All Energy Wars: But the Media Still Misses the Context911ForumFertilizer & FuelShortages, Ukraine War, Global ShortagesArticle2022-04-27
2022-08-30Warning from a Turkey Farmer about Farm Land in AmericaYouTubeFarmer BuyoutsFarms, Land, BuyoutVideo2022-09-01
2022-08-23Amish Farmer Faces Fines, Prison Time for Refusing to Comply With USDA RegulationsThe StreamGovernment Policy & RegulationAmish, Farmers, Regulation, PrisonArticle2022-09-02
2022-09-023 FACTS ON THE AMISH FARMER SHUT DOWN | Amos Miller Organic Farm Food Security Amish FOOD ProductionYoutubeGovernment Policy & RegulationAmish, Farmer, Regulations, ProcessingVideo2022-09-02
2022-08-29Synthetic Milk Is Coming, And It Could Radically Shake Up DairyScience AlertSynthetic-FoodDairy Industry, Synthetic MilkArticle2022-09-06
2022-08-30Alternative ProteinOsloSynthetic-FoodAlternative ProteinArticle2022-09-06
2022-09-10The rice capital of California is ‘now just a wasteland.’ Satellite images show how bad it isSan Francisco ChronicleInfrastructure DestructionCA, Rice, DroughtArticle2022-09-13
2022-09-25NOW - Rungis, the largest wholesale fresh produce market in the world, is on fire in Paris.Disclose.tvFire, No Cause GivenTweet2022-09-27
2022-09-14WARNING: CRICKETS IN YOUR FOOD - Food Shortages 2022 - SHTFRiverside Homestead LifeFranken Food, War on MeatVideo2022-09-27
2022-09-29Major Florida fertilizer hub took DIRECT HIT by Hurricane Ian, produces HALF the phosphate fertilizer for AmericaNatural NewsInfrastructure Destruction, Fertilizer & FuelPhosphate Fertilizer, Weather WarsArticle2022-09-30